Just because we're all stuck at home doesn't mean we can't have fun!

The Amazing Dave Proudly Presents...


LIVE Comedy Magic & Juggling Shows
Streamed from The Amazing Dave's Theater
​Right into your Living Room!

Perfect for Birthdays, Special Events, Or just as a break from the boredom!

What will the show be like?
This will be the same award winning, audience pleasing, giggle fit inducing shows that The Amazing Dave has been performing all over the world for years! The only difference is that the audience will be watching the show at home over the internet. 

Will this be the same as watching a video?
NO WAY! This won't be ANYTHING like watching a video. These shows will be incredibly interactive. Children and their parents will be able to participate and help with all of the magic tricks.​

Is that really Dave in the video? Is he really that handsome?
Yes and Yes.

Can we invite friends to watch at the same time from their homes?
YES! You can set up a time where a few friends can all get together in front of their computers for a show! It's very easy to do and kids will love sharing the experience with their friends!

Is the show ok for just a small family to watch?
YES! Doing the show for a single family works great as well! Kids will love getting an entire live magic show all to themselves where they get to volunteer and help with every single trick!

How will we be able to watch the show?
You'll be able to watch the shows using ZOOM, a FREE online video conferencing service. It's incredibly easy to use. And Dave will send you a step-by-step guide on how to prepare for your performance. 

Are you sure it's Dave? You didn't hire a model?
It's Dave. 

How much does a show cost?
For a limitted time you can book a LIVE 30 minute Comedy Magic & Jugglign Show for the discounted rate of $65.00. 

When will shows be performed?
Whenever works best for you!

Sounds Amazing! How do we book a show?
Just click the button below and fill out Dave's online contact form...

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